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VetFAS possesses 11+ years of past performance in Programmatic Accounting & Financial Analysis for organization budgets.

Organizational Budget Experts

Our expert team provides full life-cycle financial and budget services administering the Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution (PPBE) process for our Federal Government customers. 

Our team formulate, execute, and monitor program/project finances, and we report financial execution progress to all levels of management teams and critical stakeholders to enable data-driven decisions. To streamline the reporting processes, we have developed a recurring expense report, using automated capability in the customer’s financial systems, providing insight into real-time burn rate for expenses.

This equips the decision-makers with operational data to effectively use the financial resources, maximizing mission value and identify corrective actions in the early stages. We analyze the financial data and tailor charts and graphs to demonstrate the critical information in the financial data.  We assist the customers in the drafting of proposed explanations for requests for additional funds based on operational requirements. 

As a trusted partner to our customers, we provide assistance in improving the business process by identifying and recommending workflow or system changes required for compliance and efficiency. 

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Programmatic Financial Analysis

Programmatic Accounting Analysis

We provide accounting efficiency and cross-programmatic insights into your organization’s fiscal requirements.


We provide value-added insights into your organization’s budget based upon priority resource allocation derived from organizational strategic planning.

Financial Management Services

VetFAS has the staff of experts necessary in order to meet your organization'ss fiscal and programmatic requirements.